UN Specification Cartons

The products used in delivering our services are the best available in the market today. All EnLog cartons are certified UN spec 4GV cartons. The 4GV carton range has been developed as a solution for the packaging of all Dangerous Goods for airfreight, seafreight and road transport.

Our 4GV carton range is capable of carrying a range of solid and liquid Dangerous Goods.

What is a 4GV Carton?
'4G' is a UN packaging code for a fibreboard box. It is primarily a handling device, known as the 'outer packaging component' of a combination package used to contain 'inner packagings' that contain dangerous goods. 'V' denotes additional Special Provisions have been met and the carton can be used with a variety of inner packages. All EnLog cartons are 4GV cartons.

Under the UN Recommendations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods, packages must be performance tested "exactly as prepared for transport." In the case of combination packages – this means the completed package, including all inner packaging, cushioning material and all other components, must be subjected to the performance tests as an assembled unit, in the exact configuration that will be used for transport purposes.

A '4G box' on its own is NOT a dangerous goods approved package. A UN 4G is the fibreboard box and is only one component of a combination package. The application of the UN 4G markings to the fibreboard outer packaging constitutes a legal certification on the part of the person applying the markings that the completed package, (not just the fibreboard outer packaging), meets all applicable provisions of the UN 4G standard.

Combination Packaging is packaging consisting of 'outer packaging' (e.g. a fibreboard box) into which is placed one or more 'inner packages' (e.g. glass, or plastic, bottles, metal cans, etc..) the most commonly used combination packages are those employing a fibreboard box as '4G' packaging.

Combination packaging components such as inner packaging, the outer fibreboard box, cushioning materials, caps, gaskets or seals, and tape for closing the assembled box, will most likely come from different suppliers. EnLog's packing service takes full responsibility for assembling these components into the completed package and then marking and certifying the package complies with the 'UN 4G' standards.

All 4GV cartons used by EnLog are branded with the EnLog company logo. As such we take great care to ensure every combination package we prepare is fully compliant and without fault.

4GV/X2.9 Dimensions (mm): 180 x 180 x 300
4GV/X6 Dimensions (mm): 260 x 260 x 340
4GV/X12.5 Dimensions (mm): 300 x 390 x 330
4GV/X30 Dimensions (mm): 420 x 420 x 370
4GV/X36 Dimensions (mm): 580 x 410 x 500
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Your services provided to Nufarm NZ Ltd was outstanding, and your effort by "going that extra mile" was very well received. What impresses me most is how you take the time to research our company objectives thoroughly beforehand. You had taken in our company culture and goals, which helped you fully understand our business. This, in turn, enabled you to come across effectively as ‘one of us,” with first hand knowledge in dangerous goods exporting that really impressed our people.

Shadrach Tata. Nufarm NZ

We would like to record our sincere thanks and appreciation for the ongoing impeccable service we receive from Enlog (NZ) Limited.  Their professionalism blended with years of experience gives us great comfort in trusting our shipments to Enlog

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