Our Services

Our focus is to provide complete dangerous goods logistics services to our customers. We offer a wide variety of services that support and reassure our customers in all aspects of dangerous goods and hazardous substance handling.

Transporting dangerous goods is a complex procedure that requires detailed knowledge and understanding of all the relevant regulations.

All EnLog's activities are performed in accordance with IATA/ICAO and IMDG regulations, for the safe handling and transport of Dangerous Goods.

Dangerous Goods Packing Service

  • All EnLog NZ staff are IATA certified and conversant with IMDG Code; this ensures we provide a fully compliant DG packing service.
  • Each shipment handled by EnLog NZ undergoes a rigorous checklist to fully comply with IATA requirements.
  • EnLog produce their own 4GV cartons. Our cartons have been designed and tested to hold a range of primary containers.
  • We can supply a wide range of UN specification inner receptacles if required.

Onsite Repackaging Services

  • EnLog NZ offers an 'on-location' packaging and certification service. Our expert staff are available to come to your location to assist in the classification, certification, inspection, labelling & repacking of dangerous goods.

Preparation of Shippers Declaration for Dangerous Goods

  • EnLog NZ operates our own proprietary software for producing the Shippers Declaration. Our software ensures error free declarations are produced for every shipment.
  • EnLog NZ, as the issuer and signatory on the Dangerous Goods Declaration, takes full responsibility for the accuracy and compliance of each shipment we pack.

Dangerous Goods Local Delivery

  • An important component of our service package is the delivery of completed shipments to the airlines. EnLog NZ can pickup and deliver DG shipments within the Auckland Metropolitan area.
  • EnLog NZ drivers all hold the NZTA dangerous goods driver's licence endorsement.
  • Pickup and delivery to other regions can be arranged through our third party DG transport providers.

Provision of Dry Ice & Packaging

  • Dry ice is a restricted item. Contact EnLog NZ for further details.
  • EnLog NZ can provide the onsite delivery of dry ice for your shipments.



What people are saying about us

Your services provided to Nufarm NZ Ltd was outstanding, and your effort by "going that extra mile" was very well received. What impresses me most is how you take the time to research our company objectives thoroughly beforehand. You had taken in our company culture and goals, which helped you fully understand our business. This, in turn, enabled you to come across effectively as ‘one of us,” with first hand knowledge in dangerous goods exporting that really impressed our people.

Shadrach Tata. Nufarm NZ

We would like to record our sincere thanks and appreciation for the ongoing impeccable service we receive from Enlog (NZ) Limited.  Their professionalism blended with years of experience gives us great comfort in trusting our shipments to Enlog

Shayne. TNL International Ltd

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